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About Insurance Suffolk


Insurance Suffolk Brokerage is a New York State licensed, all-risk insurance brokerage located on Long Island. While our primary service area is the downstate NY metro area (Nassau & Suffolk county LI, Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx), we also have coverage reach in New Jersey, California, and may other US locations. No matter where our clients are located, our goal is always the same: To attain a balance of coverage which includes carrier financial strength, protection of assets, affordability, and service.

We offer a myriad of coverage options with top rated insurance companies for individuals, business owners, corporations, and employer groups. Our portfolio of services includes:

Our portfolio of services includes the following:

We also specialize in “hard to place” or “high exposure” insurance risks such as waterfront estates, homes near or on the water (or in a flood zone), unique or rare business operation classifications, excess flood insurance for commercial buildings, and much more.

For more information about a specific type of coverage you are interested in, contact us.

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  Our service areas include:
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