Don’t feel bad about turning 50 years old. Well okay, feel bad about it. However, aging to 50+ DOES come with some benefits…and the AARP auto insurance program is one of them.

New York drivers no longer need to pay astronomical rates on car insurance. With the AARP auto insurance program, members will be entitiled to a plethora of new benefits that standard auto insurance programs simply do not offer. These benefits include:

-Potentially saving hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance premium (in some cases, up to 50%) just from switching over
Lifetime Renewability: You will not be cancelled because of too many accidents
RecoverCare…which pays up to $2500 for help with everything from shopping to lawn care as you recover at home from an auto accident injury

If you are a driver living in New York and are at least 50 years of age, contact Long Island Insurance for more information about the AARP auto insurance program.