Beginning 7/1/2013, renewing Oxford small groups in NY and NJ will mirror new business underwriting guidelines, which went into effect back in February 2012. Although groups that are renewing between July and November of this year will be able to keep their plan offerings if they are not compliant with the new guidelines, by December 2013, these new requirements will be in full effect. Meaning, Oxford small groups in NY and NJ (after December) will no longer automatically renew in lieu of the new state-specific documentation requirements.

Many of Oxford’s small groups have already been randomly audited over the past year. Those groups will have received a notice of eligibility about two months prior to renewal, instructing the group to complete a form and to provide their latest NYS 45 tax documentation. By December 2013, all renewing Oxford small groups will face this requirement. The official notification from Oxford is below:

Oxford – Changes for Groups Renewing into New York and New Jersey Small Group Products

For more information regarding Oxford’s changes or health products available in New York or New Jersey, contact an insurance broker.