Mass mandatory evacuations have been ordered across the entire south shore mainland sections of Long Island. The general rule is: If you live south of Montauk Highway, you have been ordered to leave…

Do not take these warnings lightly. If you decide to stay and wind up in a situation where you need an emergency evacuation, services may not be available to respond to your emergency. Further, you will be putting other human lives at risk by doing so, to say nothing of risking criminal prosecution (yes, you can be fined and imprisoned for ignoring a mandatory evacuation order).

Check with your local government offices and local news media outlets to determine if you are in a mandatory evacuation zone. Sources of information include:

If you do evacuate, do not return to your homes until it is announced it is safe to do so. You may be impeding emergency vehicles from doing their jobs by tying up the roadways.

Good luck and be safe.