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Emblem Releases Small Group Q3 2013 CompreHealth HMO Rates

Emblem has released 3rd quarter 2013 rates for their small business “CompreHealth” HMO product. The monthly cost structure is as follows: Copays: $30 PCP/ $50 Spec/ $500 w/ $15 Generic […]

Texting While Driving Penalty Increased To 5 Points In NY

Beginning June 1st 2013, New York drivers convicted of texting while driving will receive five points on their licenses (up from three). This move by Governor Andrew Cuomo will push […]

Updated PPACA Employers Watch List Released By Cigna

Health care reform is in full swing, and many Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) items impact health plans or administrative procedures. This watch list (provided courtesy of Cigna) […]

LI Police To Add Numerous Seat Belt Checkpoints

Many can expect to see their auto insurance premiums go up after their next policy renewal… The “Buckle Up New York” seat belt crackdown campaign is now in full effect. […]

Health Insurance – IRS Releases 2014 HSA Contribution Limits

This week, the IRS has released the Health Savings Account contribution limits for 2014. Here is the 2013/2014 comparative breakdown: HSA Contribution Limit (employer + employee) Individual: $3,250 -> $3,300 […]

Lincoln Life Insurance Pulling UL & SUL Products In NY

Effective May 30th 2013, Lincoln Life will be pulling its Universal and Survivorship Universal life insurance products in New York. Currently, the Lincoln SUL product is the most competitive product […]

The Challenges of Obtaining Coastal Homeowners Insurance

Since Superstorm Sandy struck last October, getting coastal homeowners insurance on Long Island has been a been quite a challenge for not just prospective home buyers, but also for existing […]

Oxford Health – New Precertifications For Diabetic Patients

Beginning July 1, 2013, precertification will be required by Oxford for certain non-preferred diabetic brands of insulin, medications, and supplies, but not all. The precertification process will review the non-preferred […]

Oxford Health To Change Small Group Renewal Requirements

Beginning 7/1/2013, renewing Oxford small groups in NY and NJ will mirror new business underwriting guidelines, which went into effect back in February 2012. Although groups that are renewing between […]

Oxford Group Health – Updated Contact List

Oxford has just released a new contact list for health insurance groups located in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. See the official attached Oxford flyer by clicking the link […]