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ACA Update: NY SHOP Exchange & Small Businesses

In lieu of the Affordable Care Act, insurance professionals are starting to get their first look at officially released information from the New York State Department of Financial Services with […]

Oxford Health and Stony Brook Hospital Strike New Agreement

As of September 1st 2013, Stony Brook University Hospital will once again participate with the Oxford Liberty network. This is great news for business owners and subscribers as the Oxford […]

HealthPass NY and Emblem Health Terminate Partnership (Updated)

*Updated 8/4/13* In addition to what was previously published, we have also learned that Emblem will no longer be accepting applications for new small group business beginning 9/1/13. More importantly […]

How The ACA Will Tax Those Who Have No Health Coverage

The Affordable Care Act includes a provision known as the “Individual Mandate”. In short, the new health law requires that all US citizens have qualified, in-force health insurance coverage. Failure […]

NYS DFS Approves Health Insurance Exchange Rates

This week, the New York State Department of Financial Services released the approved individual and small group health insurance exchange rates. As you know, open enrollment of the NY Health […]

ACA: What Is A Qualified Health Plan?

The bulk of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or “Obamacare”) legislation kicks in on January 1st, 2014. This includes an individual mandate requiring all citizens to have […]

ACA Update: Large Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

Today, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act has been delayed by the Obama administration until 2015. This pertains to large employer groups (over 50 lives) where they must […]

Oxford Changes Small Group Renewal Process…Again

Earlier this year, Oxford Health Plans implemented a new small group recredentialing/recertification process for renewing groups in New York and New Jersey. This involved a resubmission of tax documentation, and […]

Healthy NY Medical Policies To Terminate On 1/1/14

In a recent announcement on the Healthy NY website, major changes are coming for this New York State-subsidized health insurance program beginning January 1st 2014. This is due to the […]

Aetna Adds New Drugs To Precert And Step Therapy Lists

Aetna will be updating their group health insurance, prescription drug, pre-certification and step therapy lists beginning June 1 2013, and again on July 1 2013. Highlights are as follows: Precertification […]