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How To Get Long Island NY Home Insurance When You Are Near The Water

“Dropped”, “Cancelled”, “Non-renewed”…this is what you hear from Long Island NY homeowners these days. If you fall into this category, you are definitely not alone. So with Allstate, State Farm, […]

Long Island NY Homeowners Insurance – Expect Rising Premiums and Policy Non-Renewals

Tornados…flooding…earthquakes…So far, 2011 has proven to be a nightmare of a year with regards to property damage. In the US, we already have had 53 killer tornados (compared to 24 […]

Long Island NY Homeowners Insurance – “But My Dog Doesn’t Bite”

Let’s face it…your Pit Bull named “Killer” is far more likely to cause havoc than “Peaches” the loving cat right? So how much more does home insurance cost if you […]

Do I Need Flood Insurance In Long Island NY?

Record snowfall totals and tornados mark the wild weather we have seen in the US so far this year…and now, massive flooding in the Midwest of record proportions (going back […]

How Much Is Long Island NY Homeowners Insurance?

Long Island NY homeowners insurance varies in cost, as many factors determine how much your particular cost for home insurance will be. Let’s take a look at the most common […]

Long Island Life Insurance – William Penn Lowers Term Life Insurance Rates

Great news for Long Island life insurance shoppers. Once again, William Penn has lowered their rates for their term life products. William Penn constantly strives to offer the most competitive […]

Long Island NY Homeowners Insurance – Why Was I Dropped?

Claims history, timeliness of premium payments, insurance score (credit), all may attribute as to why your Long Island NY homeowners insurance company dropped you. However, sometimes, it’s caused by forces […]

Long Island Auto Insurance – What Determines Your Premium Cost?

“Discounts”, “Savings”…these are the words associated with advertisers of Long Island auto insurance. But what actually determines your particular cost for coverage? Let’s take a look: –Geographic location: Drivers who […]

Long Island Life Insurance – Questions You Can Expect When Applying For Coverage

Put simply, a Long Island life insurance company is looking to see what type of a risk you are for a premature death. This is why when you apply for […]

Long Island Life Insurance – MetLife Introduces “Rapid eUnderwriting”

Life insurance on Long Island, New York has just gotten better. With MetLife’s new “Rapid eUnderwriting” program, applicants can apply for up to $500,000 in affordable coverage with no medical […]