New York renters, car, and homeowners insurance is available from numerous top insurance companies in the state. When shopping for coverage, here are a few things you may want to consider:

Consult with a New York insurance broker. Since insurance brokers are independent by nature, they are looking out for your best interests when shopping for coverage. This is quite different from captive insurance agents (e.g. Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual) who can only sell you a policy from their company
Determine the policy type you need. Whether it is homeowners, renters, landlord (or fire), or car insurance, work with your broker to identify your exposures and to select the right policy type for your needs
Bundle your policies. The more policies you have under one roof, the better discounts you will receive AND the better insurance company options your broker will have available for you
It’s all about financial ratings…not name brand recognition. If you were asked to name a few homeowners and auto insurance companies off the top of your head, who would you name? Allstate? State Farm? GEICO? Well, did you know there are well over 100 property insurance companies in New York State? It’s true…and they have all been approved by the New York State Department of Insurance to write policies. Just because you don’t see an insurance company on TV does not mean they are financially insolvent. You can also check the financial ratings of any insurance company yourself by going to AM Best’s website. You’ll be surprised to learn how many “unknown” insurance companies have very high ratings
Package policies when shopping homeowners insurance. In certain areas of New York State (for example, Suffolk County), it is becoming very difficult to get a homeowners insurance policy by itself. Thus, you will have a lot more carrier options available to you if you shop your auto insurance and your homeowners insurance together. Ask your insurance broker about this…especially if you have been dropped by your homeowners insurance company
Insurance costs vary from company to company. Thus, the more choices you have available to you, the better chances you have at lowering your premiums. This is why working with an insurance broker is crucial when shopping for coverage