Long Island NY homeowners insurance varies in cost, as many factors determine how much your particular cost for home insurance will be. Let’s take a look at the most common underwriting criteria:

Property makeup. Age, style, construction type, heating, and other characteristics of your home will all play a part in determining your premium cost
Square footage. The moving living space you need to insure, the higher the cost
Dwelling value. When insuring your home with replacement cost, you must have a dwelling liability limit equal to what it would cost to rebuild your house of like kind and quality if you suffered a total loss
Claims history. The more claims you’ve had, the higher the cost will be
Flood maps. Where your home is located with respect to tidal waters (e.g. bays, canals, rivers that lead to bays) plays a major part in your premium cost
Credit. Since insurance companies generate an “insurance score” based on your credit, better credit means lower rates
Quote packages. While you can certainly obtain homeowners insurance monoline (on its own), you will have many more choices (and discounts) if you package your quote with your Long Island NY auto insurance and umbrella insurance
Every company is different. Since every insurance company prices their risks differently, it pays to shop around for coverage. By utilizing a Long Island NY insurance broker, you will have access to a number of companies to write your homeowners insurance policy

As you can see, there is no “flat rate” for homeowners insurance. Each risk is truly unique. For more answers to frequently asked questions regarding Long Island homeowners insurance, click here.