Let’s face it…your Pit Bull named “Killer” is far more likely to cause havoc than “Peaches” the loving cat right? So how much more does home insurance cost if you own a dog?

When shopping for Long Island NY homeowners insurance, many people wonder why agents and brokers ask them, “Do any dogs live in the household?” Put simply, it’s all about bite histories and the potential for future claims relating to bites. Since home insurance will pay claims for injuries to 3rd parties, this makes questioning your pet ownership all the more relevant for insurance companies.

Depending on the breed of dog(s) you own, will partially determine your cost for home insurance. Also, the number of dogs living in the house plays a factor as well. In fact, some insurance companies won’t even consider writing a risk if more than two dogs live in the household. But there are many insurance companies that will, so it’s important to contact an insurance broker to obtain the best available policy options for you.

Food bills, vet bills, and now homeowners insurance. Add THAT to the list of expenses due to owning “Rex”. 🙂