“Discounts”, “Savings”…these are the words associated with advertisers of Long Island auto insurance. But what actually determines your particular cost for coverage? Let’s take a look:

Geographic location: Drivers who live in an area that experience higher rates of theft and vandalism will have higher rates in general
License longevity: The longer you have had a driver’s license (a clean one that is), the lower your rates will be
Claims history: Fewer auto insurance claims made will be appreciated by your wallet
Defensive Driving courses: Taking one of these courses (which now you can even take online) every 3 years will allow you to maintain an overall 10% discount on your auto insurance…no matter what company you use
Good credit: Insurer’s now generate an “insurance score” based on your credit report. The better your insurance score is, the lower your premiums will be
Unique carrier costs: Every insurance company has different pricing for all risk types. Additionally, these prices change over time. Meaning, the price you get from company A could be different the same time next year. This is why you should not limit yourself to calling one or two companies when shopping around for coverage

Talk to your insurance broker about your options for auto coverage. They will have access to many different insurance companies for you to choose from.