Claims history, timeliness of premium payments, insurance score (credit), all may attribute as to why your Long Island NY homeowners insurance company dropped you. However, sometimes, it’s caused by forces out of your control.

We are increasingly seeing homeowners insurance policyholders being dropped on Long Island. In many cases, these policyholders never even submitted a claim. Yet after 15 years being with the same company, they were given the boot.

So why? Answer: Sometimes a homeowners insurance company simply wants to get out of writing certain risks. For Long Island homeowners, this problem most often occurs due to their homes being close to tidal waters (e.g. near the bay, near a canal, or near a river that flows into a bay). There are other reasons of course but there ARE times where the policyholder did nothing to casue themselves to be dropped.

The good news is, there are plenty of top, financially-rated homeowners insurance companys that will write you a policy. For example, Ocean Harbor Insurance (as the name implies) specializes in water proximity risks. Insurance Suffolk has a relationship with Ocean Harbor, and we have written many policies for homeowners who were dropped from other carriers.

If you have been dropped or are experiencing very high renewal premium rates, contact us today. We will find you alternative solutions to protect your most cherished investment…and at competitive prices.