So you’ve managed to secure a very low premium for your Long Island auto insurance. Congratulations! Now, the challenge becomes keeping that rate low.

While many times consumers will see a rate increase from forces beyond their control, most of the time, you are in control of your destiny. Thus, here are some tips to keep your premiums as low as possible:

Keep a clean driver’s license. Cell phone, moving violation and other convictions will show up on your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) come renewal time. Having a clean record will ensure you the best “risk” class every year
Pay your premiums on time. Policy cancellations/reinstatements due to non-payment is a good way to hurt your wallet
Drive safely. Everyone knows that at-fault accidents will increase your policy premiums
Maitain good credit scores. Yes…insurance companies now check credit as part of underwriting auto insurance applicants
Other drivers living in the household are just as important. Insurance companies see any licensed driver living in the household as a “potential driver” of your vehicle. Thus, make sure these tips are shared with other members living in your household who are licensed drivers as well
Put all of your policies under one roof. If you own or rent a home, or you have an umbrella policy, consider placing all of your coverage with one insurance company to obtain a multi-policy discount
“Is that light yellow or red?” More and more intersections are now equipped with video cameras that take snapshots of your license plate when you run a red light. While some police officers will let people go with a warning, a computer-assisted camera will show you no mercy. As such, think twice about running those lights
Shop your coverage every two years. Every insurance company has unique pricing per their underwriting guidelines. Thus, even if you have not seen a rate increase in two years, another company may have lowered their rates since you took out your policy. Unless you shop your renewals with a broker from time to time, you will never know if you are over paying for coverage. Insurance agents (very different from brokers) can only quote you with the company they work for. This limits your alternative options for coverage, as you will not have access to the 100+ auto insurance carriers in New York State

In short, stay on top of your coverage, your drivers license, your credit, and just use plain common sense. Your wallet will appreciate it.