For many, Friday’s are our favorite day of the week. After a long five days at work, most of us are excited to be off for the weekend. We feel motivated knowing the end is near…we clown around with our colleagues around the water cooler…we may even have some nice things to say to our bosses. Heck, even the boss may be a bit nicer to YOU! 🙂

The bell rings for you to punch out. You’re in the parking lot. You start the car and off you go…riding off into the final rush hour frenzy of the week. The music in your car is loud as you sing along to your favorite tune when suddenly, you spot an opening in the road. “What’s that” you see…a quarter mile of clear stretch on your local secondary road?!?! You floor the gas pedal as you try to make up for lost time on the parkway. The suddenly…BAM…car accident. How DARE that person make a turn onto your road from a side street!!

The fact is, most auto accidents occur between 3PM and 5PM on Friday afternoons. Thus, take it slow and be patient. After all, the weekends go by too fast for you to have to worry about going to see a claims adjuster at the body shop. 🙂