Many can expect to see their auto insurance premiums go up after their next policy renewal…

The “Buckle Up New York” seat belt crackdown campaign is now in full effect. From May 20th 2013 through June 1st 2013, Nassau and Suffolk county (along with village) police will be cracking down on drivers not wearing their seat belts, as well as drivers not securing children passengers with seat belts. This is part of a national campaign to help reduce the chance of people getting injured who are involved in auto accidents.

Of course, there are unintended consequences with this law enforcement effort. Remember, seat belt violation convictions result in added points on one’s drivers license. Added points on one’s drivers license leads to increased auto insurance premiums on policy renewals, and higher new policy quotes. Additionally, some drivers may even experience being dropped by their auto insurance companies depending on how many points are on their licenses.

Keep your auto policy premiums under control by following these simple NY state law requirements:

-Front seat occupants age 8 or older to be buckled in, as well as backseat passengers 8 through 15
-Children younger than 4 to be restrained in a federally approved safety seat
-Children 4 to 7 to be restrained in an appropriate child-restraint system, which does not include a regular seat belt