All business owners know that liability losses increase commercial insurance premiums upon policy renewals. In some cases, it could even lead to the non-renewal of such policies. This is why it is imperative for business owners to provide safety manuals and/or training sessions for their employees.

In addition to it being in the best interest of business owners not to suffer liability losses, it is also in the interest of the insurer’s (the insurance companies) to pay out less in losses. This keeps the insurance companies operating at a higher profit margin which again, keeps overall premiums generally lower. As a result, more and more insurance companies are beefing up their Risk Management departments, to assist in helping educate their insured’s in keeping their work environments safer as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Business owners on Long Island, and across the state of New York (and beyond) should be contacting their insurance brokers in an attempt to obtain safety materials from their commercial coverage carrier. Many insurer’s are now offering (in most if not all cases) free safety brochures, pamphlets, and videos on how to keep your work environments safe. These can range from general work space safety, to the safe operation of forklifts, and other various subjects.

Keep your work areas safe for your employees, as well as maximize your premium dollars, by taking advantage of what your commercial liability insurance company has to offer.