Blame the breed or the deed? This is the question that most home owners are asking insurance companies after getting turned down for homeowners insurance. Put simply, your dog could be a liability when trying to secure coverage for your personal property.

The Risk

It is a well known fact that certain breeds of dogs have greater bite histories than others. While some argue that it’s irresponsible owners that give these dogs a bad reputation, you cannot argue math…some dogs are simply more aggressive than others. This is the problem insurance company‚Äôs face when considering a homeowners risk that has an aggressive breed of dog living in the household.

The Result

The majority of homeowners insurance companies will not write a policy for an insured with a black-listed dog living in the dwelling. Further, other breeds of dogs could decline an applicant if their dog has a bite history, and which has produced previously filed claims .

The Solution

While you may have been declined homeowners insurance due to your dog, there ARE companies that will consider writing a policy with this exposure. A good insurance broker will have access to the majority of the companies that write homeowners insurance in your state. They will be able to help you secure either:

-A homeowners policy that includes the dog liability
-A homeowners policy and dog liability package (two policies side-by-side)

What Not To Do

If you’re thinking about lying to an insurance company about a dog living in your home, think again. If an insured suffers a bite loss and it is later determined that they either lied about a dog being in the house or about the breed of dog they have, the insurance company will be within their rights to deny the claim, leaving them vulnerable to a lawsuit. If you like living on the edge, go ahead and take your chances. But if you want to properly cover yourself, do it the right way by calling an insurance broker.