There has been much confusion in recent days regarding Empire’s new “Pathway” network and their new health insurance plans starting in 2014. Per their broker webinar last Tuesday, Empire has confirmed the following:

-On-exchange individual plans will be using the “Pathway X” network
-Off-exchange individual plans will be using the “Pathway Enhanced” network
-Small group plans will be using the “Pathway” network

While these networks all have different names, it is important to know that they are identical with respect to provider participation. Thus, if a doctor, clinic, or hospital tells you they will not be accepting Empire’s new individual on-exchange plans, the provider will not be accepting any Empire individual off-exchange plans, nor will they be accepting Empire’s small group plans that utilize the Pathway network.

Remember that when selecting a carrier to enroll in health insurance, make certain your providers are in network with the plans before enrolling. Most carriers offer provider search tools on their website, but you should also call your provider directly to confirm participation as well.

For more information about obtaining an individual health insurance plan for you and your family, contact an insurance broker.