What has everyone in New York concerned about the ACA is whether or not the major carriers will be participating in the individual NY Health Benefits Exchange (NYHBE). Based on a broker blast sent out by Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield this morning, they have essentially confirmed their commitment to providing individuals with coverage options through the NYHBE beginning October 1st 2013 (with day-one coverage beginning on January 1st 2014). This carrier will be offering individual coverage options in the Long Island, New York City, Mid-Hudson, Utica, and Albany areas of New York State.

While no plan structures have been provided by any of the carriers participating in the NYHBE as of yet, the NYS Department of Financial Services did release their carrier-approved rates two weeks ago. This will give individuals an idea of the costs associated with the plans based on medal grade, and by geographic location within New York State.

Empire BCBS will be providing individual health insurance options in NY outside of the exchange as well.

More details to come as it is received from NYS, and the carriers…