This week, Emblem has announced a change in the way they terminate health groups for non-payment of premiums. Beginning with group health premiums due on or after 9/1/2012, Emblem will terminate group policies retroactively to the last date of paid coverage. Currently (which is being phased out), Emblem terminates coverage at the end of the payment grace period.

Here’s an example of the upcoming change with a hypothetical real-world scenario:

-On September 15, 2012, an invoice is generated for an Emblem health group for the coverage period of 10/1/2012 through 10/31/2012
-10/1/2012 is the premium due date for the October coverage period
-Payment must be received by Emblem on 10/31/2012 (30-day grace period)
-If payment is not made by the end of the grace period, group coverage will terminate back to 10/1/2012 (or the last date of paid coverage)

For more information, contact Emblem Member Services, your Emblem representative, or contact an insurance broker.