No…nobody was shaking your car or your office chair today. That was indeed a 5.9 magnitude earthquake you felt on Long Island and in New York City. This marks the second quake to hit the DC area (and felt in the NY area) in just over a year.

Preliminary estimates indicate that a moderate earthquake struck the US mid-atlantic region today at about 1:51PM eastern time. Centered in Mineral, Virginia (just northwest of Richmond), this quake has been reportedly felt in many parts of the eastern US including Washington DC, Cleveland, North Carolina, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Long Island, New York City, and even Canada. Here is a video clip from Sky News reporting the incident:

“Does Homeowners Insurance in Long Island New York Cover Earthquakes?”

For those that are curious, yes…you CAN endorse earthquake coverage on your homeowners insurance policy. While I’m sure everyone in the New York area never even considered earthquake insurance before, I get the feeling those sentiments have changed just a bit today. 🙂

Contact us for more information on endorsing earthquake coverage to your homeowners insurance policy. Remember: Damage to your home caused by an earthquake is not covered by default. You must endorse the coverage after your policy is written.

Hope everyone is safe…