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Archive for June, 2012

US Supreme Court Upholds 2010 Health Care Reform Bill

The US Supreme Court today has ruled the 2010 health care reform bill constitutional on the individual mandate. Meaning, you must take health care coverage or be hit with a […]

Horizon BCBS Meets 2011 MLR Requirements – No Rebates Issued

Based on Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s annual Medical Loss Ratio report filing with the Department of Health and Human Services for tax year 2011, federal MLR rebates for 2011 will […]

Oxford Changes Contraceptive Coverage Per Health Care Reform

UnitedHealthCare and Oxford health insurance product lines will introduce changes to their contraceptive coverage. Effective Aug 1st 2012, FDA-approved women’s contraceptive methods will be covered at 100% for Tier 1 […]

Meridian Health Grants Aetna Health Contract Negotiation Extension

For anyone that lives in or visits NJ for extended periods of time, Meridian Health (which includes five hospitals in Monmouth and Ocean Counties) has granted Aetna Health a contract […]

Obtaining Commercial Insurance For Your New Business

As we continue to struggle in this tumultuous labor market, many people have turned to self employment to earn a living for their families. With job opportunities being slim and […]