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Archive for November, 2011

Employed At HP? You May Need Umbrella Insurance…Seriously

With all the workforce chaos happening over at HP due to executive turnover, it seems HP has invented a new method of employee retention: Litigation. Indeed, HP’s “Invent” seems to […]

Is Your Home Under-Insured?

So you have a homeowners policy covering your house. If your home were to be completely destroyed tomorrow by fire or a windstorm, would it be rebuilt/replaced at no cost […]

Empire BlueCross Exits Small Group Health Market – Drops Businesses

Brokers and independent health agents across the New York area were contacted by Empire BlueCross/BlueShield today regarding radical changes coming to their small group health insurance portfolio of products. Actually, […]

NY Health Insurers To Make Rate Increase Data Public

In a move that could reduce health insurance premium hikes, several health insurance companies in New York have agreed to publish data they use to justify rate increase requests with […]