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Archive for June, 2011

Controlling Health Insurance Costs – An Introduction To HSA’s and HRA’s

Long Island and New York group health insurance costs continue to rise…even since the enactment of the PPACA last year. So while business owners continue to wait for stablization of […]

Rising Health Insurance Costs – Are Insurer’s Truly To Blame?

We all know that the cost for health insurance continues to rise, which is really nothing new. It has been for a decade now. Unfortunately, this is felt even more […]

What Is Aflac? How Much Is It? Where To Get It?

What is Aflac insurance? We’ve all seen that duck on TV, and who makes us laugh time and time again. But exactly what IS the insurance offered behind our feathery […]

New York Renters, Car, and Homeowners Insurance: Costs, Discounts, Availability & Quotes

New York renters, car, and homeowners insurance is available from numerous top insurance companies in the state. When shopping for coverage, here are a few things you may want to […]

Condo, Landlord, and Renters Insurance On Long Island and In NY State

NYS renters, condo, and landlord insurance falls under the “homeowners insurance” group of products. Depending on your situation, you will require one of the following homeowners insurance policy forms: –HO3: […]

How To Get Long Island NY Home Insurance When You Are Near The Water

“Dropped”, “Cancelled”, “Non-renewed”…this is what you hear from Long Island NY homeowners these days. If you fall into this category, you are definitely not alone. So with Allstate, State Farm, […]