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Archive for March, 2011

Long Island Life Insurance – Questions You Can Expect When Applying For Coverage

Put simply, a Long Island life insurance company is looking to see what type of a risk you are for a premature death. This is why when you apply for […]

Long Island Life Insurance – MetLife Introduces “Rapid eUnderwriting”

Life insurance on Long Island, New York has just gotten better. With MetLife’s new “Rapid eUnderwriting” program, applicants can apply for up to $500,000 in affordable coverage with no medical […]

Sole Proprietor and 1099 Consultant Health Insurance Options

Long Island health insurance is broken down into four group size categories: 1. Individuals 2. Sole Proprietors (or a Small Group of One) 3. Small Groups (2-50 lives) 4. Large […]

Long Island Auto Insurance – Happy Friday…Or Is It?

For many, Friday’s are our favorite day of the week. After a long five days at work, most of us are excited to be off for the weekend. We feel […]