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Archive for January, 2011

Long Island Medical Equipment Insurance – Protect Your Travelling Business

Many medical professionals have practices in Long Island New York, where their landlords require a minimum liability coverage limit in order to rent space to run their businesses. Such professionals […]

Long Island Life Insurance – Do I Need Life Insurance?

Maybe…maybe not. It all depends on your unique situation. As many as 5000 people a month ask this question in a Google search online. You are not alone. The simplest […]

When Cost Cutting, Include Shopping Your Insurance

In today’s market, people are being very innovative on how they go about trimming expenses as we ride out this challenging economy. This includes staying home for the holidays, eliminating […]

Long Island Business Insurance – Continued Discounts Seen For Various Local Businesses

As we forge ahead into 2011, Insurance Suffolk continues to notice sizable discounts on Long Island business insurance pemiums for the following types of businesses: -Attorneys -Pet Groomers -Auto Repair […]